Hengqin New District Huandao Electronic Fence Project

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 In May, we ushered in the fifth anniversary of Da Heng Qin Technology.  When reviewing the company's development history, we should first understand our first project-hengqin new district huandao electronic fence project.  This project is not only the beginning of the birth of Da Heng Qin technology, but also a monument to guide the future.


Great mission


In 2011, according to the State Council's Reply on Relevant Policies for Hengqin Development (Guo Han [2011] No.85), "Zhuhai Hengqin was agreed to implement more special preferential policies than the Special Economic Zone to speed up the development of Hengqin", and "Hengqin construction should innovate customs clearance systems and measures. Hengqin Huandao is not provided with isolation fences, but with patrol and monitoring facilities to ensure effective supervision."

At this time, the construction of electronic fence is related to Hengqin's future development.  However, Hengqin National New District has just been established, and the information construction on Hengqin Island is still a blank.  Deng lianbing, executive director and general manager of dahengqin technology co., ltd. and then deputy general manager of dahengqin investment co., ltd., undertook the construction of the electronic fence project despite difficulties.


The Hundred Days War


In April 2012, the electronic fence project was officially established.  In July 2013, the project started its design.  The original design and construction period was three years, but due to the urgency and importance of the project, it was finally reduced to three months to reach the acceptance standard for customs closure. At that time, it was simply an impossible task.


This seemingly impossible task was successfully completed under the leadership of Deng Zong, who was "very bookish".  Under his command, Party A has already prepared all the accommodation, meals, office places and other matters that need to be coordinated for the optical staff in Party B's unit before they enter the site. Even the construction schedule of more than 1,000 projects is subdivided to the point where it cannot be disassembled under Party A's leadership.  At the same time, the special working method of co-location office is adopted. Party A's project members and Party B's project members work together to form a team under unified command to complete the team running-in as quickly as possible.


In order to complete the project as soon as possible, Deng and the project members worked overtime and entered the 7×24 mode. They basically went home in the early morning every day, and even got home at 5 a.m. to take a shower and rush to the work site.

In addition to the tight schedule, the working environment at that time was extremely difficult.  When undertaking the electronic fence project around the island, the project team staff work in a natural environment that is almost wild. They have to bring their own water when going out. They have to deliver rice to the mountain on the site in order to save the round trip time.  What is even more difficult to imagine is that because there was no decent road, all the goods transported to the mountain were transported by mules at that time, completing the most advanced scientific and technological projects and sometimes having to use the most primitive tools.


China first


Hengqin New District covers a total area of 106.46 square kilometers, with a coastline of about 53 kilometers around the island and surrounded by water. It has a variety of complex landforms such as beaches, wetlands, banks and reefs.  The project makes full use of Hengqin's natural barrier surrounded by water and sets up inspection and monitoring facilities around the island according to the characteristics of smuggling activities.

The electronic fence project integrates various high-tech and mature technical means such as video monitoring, Internet of Things, mobile communication, satellite positioning, unmanned aerial vehicle inspection, radar monitoring, geographic information system, etc. It effectively replaces the traditional physical fence, realizes full high definition, full coverage and full-time three-dimensional supervision of Hengqin roundabout coastline, makes management more scientific, advanced and transparent, is the first information monitoring platform with fence function in China, and creates a precedent for intelligent electronic monitoring in specific areas of Chinese cities.

The system consists of 11 subsystems such as front-end video monitoring information acquisition system, roundabout intelligent monitoring networking platform, roundabout crossing-border intelligent detection network, dynamic inspection network combining people, vehicles and stations, and intelligent monitoring command and management platform. It comprehensively uses high-tech technologies such as intelligent video monitoring, infrared detection, radar monitoring, unmanned aerial vehicle inspection, vehicle-mounted inspection, satellite positioning, mobile communication, and geographic information system. It is a domestic monitoring system with high level of intelligence, strict prevention, and humanization of visual perception, and provides a new example for innovative monitoring mode in special regulatory areas in China.

In January 2014, at the expert review meeting on Hengqin electronic fence standard system research topic, experts such as Wu hequan, academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, well-known domestic internet of things expert, and Xiong Zhang, chief scientist of smart city, believed that the electronic fence technology adopted in Hengqin new district could not only be used for the supervision of special supervision areas, but also have good application prospects in many fields such as exhibition, government affairs center, residential community, logistics center, etc.

After the project was put into use in 2014, CCTV news broadcast, CCTV4 and many media have reported it, which has produced extensive social impact and good demonstration effect.  There are more than 700 inspection personnel at all levels with more than 10,000 records, and more than 100 leaders at or above the deputy ministerial level.  In 2015, the project won the "China Project Management Achievement Award".  In March 2018, experts from China Institute of Surveying and Mapping Science, the National Platform for Basic Conditions of Science and Technology and other institutions participated in the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements, and concluded that "the overall achievements of the project have reached the international advanced level, with radar and video multi-equipment coordinated tracking and ship detection based on depth learning reaching the international advanced level".  In 2019, the key technologies and applications of electronic fence were appraised as the best software technology innovation products in Zhuhai.


Future availability


In the design process of electronic fence, Deng zongminrei realized that the application prospect of this system is very broad, and actively planned and laid out the corresponding standards for electronic fence.  In June 2014, Da Hengqin Technology Company completed the project of Guangdong Province's local standard "General Technical Conditions for Electronic Fence" based on Hengqin New District Electronic Fence.  On August 28, 2018, at the press conference of Guangdong provincial local standards held by Guangdong provincial quality supervision bureau, the Guangdong provincial local standard "general technical conditions for electronic fence" led by our company was officially released, filling in the gaps in the overall framework and system construction standards of electronic fence in China and even in the world, and having far-reaching significance for guiding the relevant engineering construction and technical equipment development work.

At present, Hengqin New District has completed the deployment and implementation and put into use in strict accordance with the guiding standards for the construction, acceptance and operation management of the electronic fence system.  The core technology of the project is not only used in special customs supervision areas, but also expanded to many fields such as smart cities, monitoring of border and coastal defense sites, ports, etc.

Hengqin New District Huandao Electronic Fence Project
When reviewing the company's development history, we should first understand our first project-hengqin new district huandao electronic fence project. This project is not only the beginning of the bir
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