Nanfang Daily: Da Qin Heng Science and Technology Aim at National "Intelligent Island"

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On September 21, experts from the Communications Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology came to a final decision on the site of the review meeting of Beijing's "Hengqin New District International Internet Data Special Access Application Plan" and the plan was passed.  This means that Hengqin's international communication infrastructure capacity has been enhanced, the international communication conditions of the government, enterprises and the park have been improved, and a better international business communication environment has been gradually built.

The successful opening of the dedicated Internet data channel is only one of the achievements made by Hengqin in marking the national "intelligent island" at full speed.  So far, Hengqin's information infrastructure construction has been basically completed, and the information security team has been formed. Innovative products such as "city brain", the Internet of Things, "intelligent perception system" and artificial intelligence technologies are participating in the construction of "intelligent island", including urban governance, industrial optimization, public service, environmental governance and other fields, which are all realizing leapfrog upgrading to digitalization and intelligence.

"Over the past three years since the FTZ was launched, Hengqin has realized a number of" national initiatives "in the field of smart FTZ construction, keeping in mind the responsibility of the central government for reform and innovation and the goal of building Hengqin into a knowledge-intensive and information-developed" smart island. "  In the opinion of Deng lianbing, president of Zhuhai dahengqin technology development co., ltd, hengqin's unique conditions have provided "fertile soil" for the development of information technology.  In more than three years of practice, Hengqin has continuously improved the international Internet environment facing Hong Kong and Macao, outlining a new blueprint for a smart city in the Gulf region of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

The next step is to grasp the official opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, strengthen cooperation in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Gulf region, and Hengqin will usher in another "golden period" of rapid information development.


Breakthrough results

The embryonic form of the first-class intelligent city in the country has emerged.


In Zhuhai in October, the sky is high and the sea is wide.  Standing at Hengqin headquarters building, the high-rise buildings on the island are clearly visible, just like the brush of time depicting the outline of the city.

Nine years ago, the State Council officially approved the "Hengqin Overall Development Plan" and made it clear that Hengqin's construction goal is to build an "open island" linking Hong Kong, Macao and the region, a "vibrant island" with a prosperous economy and suitable living and industry, a "smart island" with intensive knowledge and developed information, and an "ecological island" with resource conservation and environmental friendliness.

Planning is progressing smoothly.  By December 2012, Hengqin's GDP had increased 55 times over that of 2009, and the embryonic forms of "Open Island", "Vitality Island" and "Ecological Island" had begun to emerge.  The blueprint has been drawn up, the work has made a solid start, and the prospect is promising.

However, what about "intelligent island"?  Without foundation and experience, Hengqin's "intelligent island" construction has not started.  In 2011, the Official Reply of the State Council on Relevant Policies for Hengqin Development was officially released, explicitly requiring "Hengqin not to set up isolation fences but to set up inspection and monitoring facilities around the island to ensure effective supervision".  Whether it is due to the overall construction of the "intelligent island" or the specific implementation and maintenance of the "electronic fence" project, the construction of Hengqin's information team is extremely urgent.

Time and tide wait for no man.  Hengqin immediately set about the research and established Zhuhai dahengqin technology development co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as dahengqin technology) in 2014 to start the information construction.

In terms of communication infrastructure, in 2015, dahengqin science and technology cooperated with Guangdong southern telecom planning and consulting design institute to prepare the "construction plan for the transmission network project in hengqin new district", and cooperated with PCCW to prepare the "communication service plan for integrating hong kong and Macao in hengqin new district", systematically laying out 106 square kilometers of communication infrastructure resources such as pipelines, optical cables, computer rooms and wireless base stations throughout the island.  At present, Hengqin has realized a network environment of "10 trillion to enterprise and 1 trillion to desktop".

In terms of IT infrastructure, Hengqin started the construction of cloud computing data center as early as 2014 and invited top international IT companies to participate in the planning and design.  At present, the newly built Hengqin New District Public Data Center has PB-level data storage capacity and kilo-core computing capacity, realizing Hengqin government information system and data centralization.

In four years, Hengqin New District's wisdom portal has turned into a butterfly.  At the beginning of the design, Da Hengqin's scientific and technological team started with the analysis of the massive data of the United Nations on the evaluation of government websites, and innovated the design of web pages to realize the integration of government service resources.  Today, the website has been named 10th in the "14th China government website performance evaluation" and promoted by Guangdong free trade office as a model website.  Deng Lianbing was invited twice to give an introduction and report at the national government website exchange conference sponsored by the general office of the State Council.  Visitors can get personalized intelligent recommendations when logging on to the website, and sogeum robots provide intelligent voice services to easily handle government affairs through a unified entrance.

In the past four years, various smart applications represented by "electronic fence" have been gradually promoted and maintained.  As China's first information monitoring platform with wall-type function, Hengqin electronic fence pioneered intelligent electronic monitoring in specific areas of Chinese cities. Apart from winning the "China Project Management Achievement Award" in 2015, in August this year, the Guangdong provincial local standard "General Technical Conditions for Electronic Fence" led by Da Hengqin Technology was officially released.

Deng Lianbing commented that the development of "electronic fence" has condensed the wisdom of Hengqin New District in exploring and exploring the informatization construction of FTZ from the beginning of preparation for the establishment of electronic fence standards to the release of local standards and through the application for the establishment of national standard projects.

Hengqin Housekeeper App has continuously improved its functions, enabling citizens to participate in city management and realize "their own city is in charge of its own affairs".  Rainstorms continue in summer, but Hengqin New District is almost free of flooding reports because of the Hengqin Smart Municipal System, which consists of 24 major business systems. In four years, a "internet plus" era of smart Hengqin is poised to blossom.


Benchmarking International

Fast Information Channels Boost Deep Cooperation


A vast expanse of blue waves, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge lies across the Lingdingyang Ocean, connecting Hengqin and Macau with Hong Kong on the other side of the Pearl River.

There is no doubt that a desert island with "banana forests, green fields and few farms" has achieved initial results in the construction of "intelligent island" in the country.  However, Hengqin did not dare to slack off.  With the deepening cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Hengqin will become a new city center of Zhuhai that will shine with Macao. There is still a long way to go.

If you plan to do something well, you will surely win.  As a matter of fact, Hengqin has already planned and practiced to build a fast information channel to promote the deep cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

In September 2016, Hengqin and PCCW decided to carry out research and cooperation in the fields of communication and information technology, and launched the overall planning and design of Hengqin New District's integration of Hong Kong and Macao communication services.  In 2017, PCCW's subsidiary, Hong Kong PCCW Global Services Limited, signed a memorandum of cooperation with Da Heng Qin Technology.  At last year's "Zhuhai Investment Environment and First China-Latin America International Expo" promotion meeting, Hong Kong Telecom Pacific Century decided to settle in Hengqin, contributing to Hengqin's development into a global commercial and communication hub.

Good news keeps coming.  Last September, the Information Port of China's Free Trade Zone held an opening ceremony and foundation stone laying ceremony for the headquarters building in Hengqin.  According to the development plan, China FTZ Information Port will use Zhuhai Hengqin as its headquarters base and plan to build six functional platforms in the global FTZ, including "digital networking information sharing", "authoritative index release", "high-end comprehensive forum", "comprehensive information service", "financial data transaction" and "headquarters gathering".  According to the person in charge, by 2019, China FTZ Information Port will basically become a global FTZ information and data service platform that is leading in China, well-known in the world and has strong strength and influence.

"Openness", "Cooperation" and "Innovation" have become the high-frequency words for Hengqin to cooperate with Hong Kong and Macao in information industry, and have become the key elements to improve the quality of life of the citizens of the three places.  Free Wi-Fi; in faster and faster cities;  The network speed that is increasingly in line with international standards;  In order to facilitate the daily travel of citizens of Hengqin Macao, Hengqin has also completed the construction of a comprehensive management system for motor vehicles entering and leaving Hengqin, which has no precedent in China.  This is the first business system in the country to realize cross-border approval data sharing and mutual recognition, which has realized the "one-stop" service of Macao's motor vehicle business and greatly shortened the waiting time for Macao car owners to handle the business.

"After the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is completed and opened to traffic, Hengqin's role as a' platform' for Hong Kong's westward expansion will become even more prominent."  Niu Jing, secretary of Hengqin New District Party Committee, said.  It is precisely in order to grasp the historical opportunities that projects to Hong Kong and Australia to promote the development of information technology have been carried out one after the other. Smart measures to create a livable and livable living environment have constantly brought surprises to everyone.


Stick to one's feelings

Witness Hengqin's Information Development


On May 17 this year, Zhuhai Hengqin New District Administrative Committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba Group and Ant Financial Services Group. The three parties will carry out in-depth cooperation on cloud computing, government and people's livelihood services, urban governance, e-commerce and other fields to promote the development of Hengqin industry and build a new smart city.  Ali Yun Hu Xiaoming, vice president of Alibaba Group, mentioned several times to thank "the General Training Team" and Heng Qin for his innovation, which reminded him of Alibaba's entrepreneurial atmosphere many years ago.

Hu Xiaoming's "total training" is Deng's training.  As the main person in charge of the only science and technology platform of the government in Hengqin District of Guangdong Free Trade Zone, Deng Lianbing led a team of only dozens of people in Dahengqin Technology to take up the important task of promoting the construction of "intelligent island" of Hengqin by the State Council and become a witness to the development of Hengqin's informatization.

"At that time, there were only 5 kilometers of communication pipelines and optical cables in the whole island, and the damage was extremely serious. Almost all the 22-hole municipal pipelines in the whole central avenue were damaged and could not be used. I really don't know how to start."  Recalling the basic information conditions of Hengqin at the beginning, Deng's training is still full of emotion.  However, since he came to Hengqin alone, he firmly believed that Hengqin's goal of building a national "smart island" would be realized.

Deng Lianbing said frankly that the internationalized Internet ecosystem facing Hong Kong and Macao is gradually rejuvenated, behind which lies Hengqin's city spirit of innovation and endeavor from top to bottom.  As early as at the beginning of the foundation of dahengqin science and technology, the leadership of the new district management Committee carried with it the determination and energy to "build hengqin smart city into a first-class benchmark in the country" and positioned it as the planner and implementer of implementing the "overall development plan for hengqin" officially approved by the state Council and turning hengqin into a "smart island" with intensive knowledge and developed information.  Along the way, the information development of Da Heng Qin science and technology and even the whole Heng Qin has received the attention of the main leaders of the Administrative Committee and the support of a series of policies and funds.

Secondly, it also stems from the construction feelings of a group of team members with faith.  According to reports, members of Da Hengqin's scientific and technological team generally have working experience in large enterprises such as IBM, HP, Huawei, ZTE, Sinosoft and Cisco.  Today's salary may not be superior to that of the past, but they are full of feelings and devote themselves to the development and construction of Hengqin New District.

It is worth mentioning that after obtaining more than 30 patents in the fields of big data, intelligent robots, electronic fences, wearable devices, video security, etc., dahengqin technology has successfully applied for a high-tech enterprise and the first post-doctoral workstation in the national free trade zone, attracting more and more attention from outstanding scientific and technological talents at home and abroad.

The speed and charm of Hengqin are inspiring this increasingly large and excellent team to keep moving forward, and many key projects related to Hengqin's information development go hand in hand.  The National Development and Reform Commission has listed it as a major project library supporting the National Action Plan for Big Data Development. It is also one of the "Cross-Domain Multidimensional Data Cloud Platform" projects for major infrastructure projects in Guangdong Province.  According to Deng Lianbing, relying on the computing and storage resources of the data center, Da Hengqin Technology will build a city-level big data public service cloud platform for Hengqin in the future with unified standards, unified entrances, unified collection, unified management, unified services and unified data.  In Da Heng Qin's vision of science and technology, future citizens and enterprises can work through a unified entrance and a unified city service hotline. The government will work through a unified platform and rely on the platform to build a city ecology.

"Career retention is the key to retaining talents."  Niu Jing said.  The development process of Hengqin's informatization is taking the technology of Hengqin as a platform, and is striving to provide a broad stage for talent managers to start their own businesses with continuously expanding industrial space.  It is not hard to imagine that the international talent team gathering more and more will always use the word "persistence" to push Hengqin's information development forward.



Da Heng Qin Technology: A "New Force" in Information Construction


Through the streets, the building of Da Heng Qin Technology Company stood quietly by the roadside.  In the process of Hengqin's information development, the "first record in the country" set repeatedly was born here.

As the forerunner of the new round of reform and opening up in the country, Hengqin is galloping on the track of rapid development of information technology, while Dahengqin Technology has taken up important tasks and become a "new force" in the information construction of FTZ.

In the next three years, dahengqin technology co., ltd. will continue to promote the construction of hengqin smart island around the "five in one" concept and the new smart city construction plan with a total investment of 30 billion yuan, making hengqin a model for the new smart city in dawan district of Guangdong, hong kong, Macao and even the whole country.

From "Neglect" to Driving into Development Expressway

In May 2014, the government of Hengqin New District, through its holding company, established Da Hengqin Technology. Its main business is the planning, development, operation and maintenance, optimization and upgrading of intelligent island and large data items in Hengqin New District. Its business scope covers many fields such as informatization, communication, infrastructure, etc.

Today, dahengqin technology has achieved good results in such cutting-edge technology fields as big data, cloud computing, internet of things, mobile internet and artificial intelligence.

Data is the most powerful proof.  In the past four years since its establishment, Da Hengqin Technology Company has steadily promoted the construction of various infrastructure and application system platforms in Zhihui Island, Hengqin New District. The project achievements have won numerous awards from the state and provincial party committee, including 13 national, industry and local standards, 8 software copyrights, 32 authorized patents, 8 ICT enterprise qualifications, 5 ISO system certifications and CMMI5 certification.

Moreover, the projects developed under the leadership of the department have won many national, provincial and municipal honors: "the government intelligent supervision service system" was awarded "the best practice case of the national free trade zone" and "the comprehensive management system of motor vehicles entering and leaving hengqin" was awarded "the best innovation case of the third anniversary of Guangdong free trade zone" etc.  In 2016, Hengqin was listed as one of the 15 cooperation pilot projects designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for China-EU Green and Smart Cities, and won the "China-EU Green and Smart Cities Award" jointly promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the European Commission.

"In the past, the influence of Hengqin's information development on the local area was almost negligible.  Today, the achievement of honors is the achievement of Hengqin's goal of building a knowledge-intensive and information-developed "intelligent island" in the process of implementing the "Overall Development Plan for Hengqin" approved by the State Council, which cannot be achieved without the efforts of Hengqin's scientific and technological team. "  Some experts in the industry have analyzed it to the author.

Resource Drainage Innovative Technology Enterprises Release "Strong Magnetic Force"

In front of the gate of dahengqin technology company, a stone tablet engraved with the word "struggle" stands quietly and shines brightly under the sunshine.

"Da Heng Qin Technology has a united and fighting team."  Zhong Huan, who joined Da Heng Qin Technology in 2014, is now the senior project manager of the company. He was responsible for intelligent city informatization projects such as "Macau Motor Vehicle Entering and Leaving Heng Qin Integrated Management System" and is currently responsible for Guangdong Province's major infrastructure project "Cross-Domain Multidimensional Data Cloud Platform".

Along the way, Zhong Huan witnessed the development and growth of Da Heng Qin technology.  He was even more able to confirm that, unlike the traditional state-owned enterprises, dahengqin technology co., ltd. has a entrepreneurial team's corporate culture, which is like being injected with the gene of continuous self-improvement. "looking at Huawei, Ali and other successful technology enterprises, there is blood flowing in them. therefore, we are full of confidence in the development of dahengqin technology."

This statement was approved by Da Heng Qin's postdoctoral fellow Li Daming.  In the 2 years since joining Da Heng Qin Science and Technology Company, Li Daming has successively published 5 scientific research achievement papers in SCI international top journals and other leading journals, and participated in the "Key Project of International Innovation Cooperation of National Key R&D Plan: Central Europe Horizon 2020" project as the project leader.  In his view, da heng Qin technology provides a big platform for Guangdong, hong kong, Macao and the bay area as well as international scientific research and innovation cooperation, "here we come into contact with more high-quality resources from the international community.  I believe that no matter every member of the team or the whole Yokogawa technology, the development prospect is unlimited. "

According to Zhong Huan and Li Daming, Hengqin will further integrate into the development pattern of the Bay Area after the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is opened to traffic. The high-standard international information network of Hong Kong and Macao, talents resources from Hong Kong and Macao and even the world, and advanced technologies will drain Hengqin along with the bridge and create an accelerator for the information development of Hengqin. At that time, the enterprise magnetism of Dahengqin Technology will be further released.



Deng Lianbing, President of Da Heng Qin Technology: Bridge Brings Great Opportunities to "Intelligent Island"


Nanfang Daily: How do you evaluate Da Heng Qin's science and technology team?

Deng Lianbing: Da Hengqin Technology Company is the only directly affiliated technology platform of Hengqin New District Government, and is also the executor and promoter of the implementation of the State Council's Hengqin "Intelligent Island" plan. Although it has only been established for four years, its high-standard development orientation has attracted the attention of many scientific and technological workers at home and abroad.  Both I and my team members are eager to use their skills to display their talents on the infinite stage of Hengqin New District.

Nanfang Daily: In your opinion, what will the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge bring to Hengqin's information development?

Deng Lianbing: The opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge has brought great opportunities to Hengqin's "intelligent island" construction, because Hong Kong has many well-known scientific research universities, a large number of scientific research talents, and the country's most intensive external network port, which is of great help to Hengqin's system and mechanism innovation and to Hengqin's establishment of an offshore data center.

Nanfang Daily: What are the plans and ideas for the next step in the development of Da Heng Qin technology?

Deng Lianbing: To tell the truth, Hengqin's informatization level is still far from the international level. Expectations from Hengqin citizens and local government sometimes inevitably make me feel anxious with the team, but at the same time, we have full confidence that if we are given time, Hengqin's informatization level will definitely reach the set goal and people's sense of life will be greatly improved.

At present, Da Heng Qin Science and Technology, in addition to actively promoting the landing of various scientific research projects, is also making efforts to build a local information development index system. It is planned that third-party organizations will score various information development issues.  The development is good or bad, the data have the final say.  I believe that if you look at Hengqin again next year, the information development here will definitely take on a new look.

Nanfang Daily: Da Qin Heng Science and Technology Aim at National "Intelligent Island"
The successful opening of the dedicated Internet data channel is only one of the achievements made by Hengqin in marking the national "intelligent island" at full speed. So far, Hengqin's information
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