A Letter of Thanks from 3700-meter Plateau

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Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Technology Development Co., Ltd.:

In September 2018, your company responded positively to the work invitation of the eighth batch of Tibet assistance working group, and carried out field research on Millin Farm and fully analyzed the research situation.  In June 2019, your company completed a series of system deployment, personnel training, equipment debugging and other work, including the restoration of the Millin Farm website, the development of a simple document management system and the development and deployment of the Internet of Things environmental monitoring system.

These poverty alleviation projects by science and technology have brought advanced science and technology to the farm, improved the production environment of the farm in a timely and effective manner, provided strong help for the farm to move towards scientific and technological wisdom, and improved the production and management environment of the farm. The development of the farm cannot be separated from your selfless dedication.

Once again, I would like to send my sincere thanks to all the staff of Millin Farm.

Millin Farm, Linzhi City, Tibet

19 August 2019

First meeting of Ganoderma lucidum in September 2018

Nyingchi, located in southeast Tibet, is a plateau area with an altitude of more than 3700 meters and is also a "place where the sun rises". It belongs to the counterpart support area in Guangdong Province.  From September 3 to 7, 2018, at the invitation of the working group of the eighth group of Tibetan aid teams in mirin county and mirin farm in Guangdong province, president Deng lianbing of dahengqin science and technology development co., ltd. led a team to Linzhi city in Tibet to carry out a five-day investigation and research on the mirin county and mirin farm in terms of science and technology poverty alleviation projects.


 During the investigation, President Deng Lianbing got to know the information needs of the local area through on-the-spot visits and discussions, and initially established a technological poverty alleviation program for Millin Farm.  In just five days, projects that combine the characteristics and needs of farm development, such as counterpart training of scientific and technological personnel, modification of the official website of Millin Farm, official document management system of Millin Farm, and Internet of Things environmental monitoring system, have sprouted on this holy land. Under the catalytic effect of scientific and technological forces, I believe they will be even more brilliant.

June 2019 Da Heng Qin Technology LOGO Shines on Plateau

On June 19 -25, 2019, two engineers from dahengqin science and technology development co., ltd. walked into mirin farm again with the care and blessing of colleagues from the science and technology company.

The three systems that we promised more than half a year ago have entered the online stage through everyone's efforts. The engineers' trip is to carry out the final installation and debugging of the equipment and conduct one-on-one on-site training for the relevant management personnel of Millin Farm.

The official website of Millin Farm was upgraded and put on line, the official document system was put into use, the IOU environmental monitoring system began to operate, and the three information projects aided by Da Heng Qin Technology were officially delivered!

In front of the camera, Millin's staff members felt familiar with the subtle and shy smile, and the logo of Da Heng Qin Technology shone on the plateau thousands of miles away, making people feel honored-the indissoluble bond between the technology company and Ganoderma makes us look forward to more follow-up stories ...

A Letter of Thanks from 3700-meter Plateau
A Letter of Thanks from 3700-meter Plateau
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