Southern Metropolis Daily: Zhuhai Mobile Joins Da Heng Qin Technology

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China Mobile Guangdong Company Zhuhai Branch released a news on the 27th, saying that it has actively implemented the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Reply on Approving the Construction of a Special International Internet Data Channel in Hengqin New District" and completed the first special international Internet data channel in Hengqin New District, shortening the cross-border Internet access delay of Hengqin from the traditional 70ms to 14ms, improving the efficiency by 80%, and helping the high-quality development of information infrastructure in Hengqin New District.

According to reports, Zhuhai Mobile Company has also joined Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Technology Development Co., Ltd. in opening the first international dedicated internet access on a dedicated channel. The loss rate of Internet access dropped by more than 50% and the network performance improved significantly.  This move will greatly improve the information processing efficiency of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises and foreign enterprises entering Hengqin to carry out international business, and greatly improve the cross-border business environment of Hengqin.

Compared with the traditional data transmission mode, Hengqin International Internet dedicated channel realizes the data link from Hengqin New District to the Internet International Export Bureau, greatly reduces the network delay, and can meet the requirements of international financial services, cross-border electronic commerce and other industries for extremely high real-time network information processing.  At the same time, the data traffic in the dedicated channel is effectively isolated from other traffic flows. When individual nodes on the public network are attacked illegally or network viruses and other accidents occur, the dedicated channel will not be affected, thus effectively improving the security protection level of data transmission.

Special passages will cover Hengqin New District, Free Trade Zone, Hongwan District, North Cross Gate District and Zhuhai-Macao Cross-border Industrial Park.  With the help of dedicated channels, the Internet access and information exchange for enterprises in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and the international can be directly connected to the international Internet entrance and exit by the industrial parks covered by the dedicated channels, helping Hengqin New District to enhance its ability to attract foreign investment globally.

The completion of the dedicated Internet data channel in Zhuhai Hengqin New District will further promote the interconnection of infrastructure in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Bay Area and enhance Hengqin's international communication service capability. It is another major achievement in the construction of digital facilities in Zhuhai and even in Guangdong Province. It is conducive to the development of Internet international business in Hengqin New District, the development of the Bay Area and the further optimization of the investment environment in the Free Trade Zone in Hengqin New District.  It has effectively improved Hengqin New District's communication service capabilities for international financial services, cross-border electronic commerce, cross-border logistics, international cultural exchanges, international headquarters office and other enterprises, helped the development of export-oriented economy and promoted the agglomeration of export-oriented industries in Hengqin New District.

At the same time, the dedicated data channel can be further expanded to provide Internet dedicated data channel service capability for relevant enterprises in the Pearl River Delta and western Guangdong, which is of great significance to meet the actual needs of enterprise development, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and support the construction of "the belt and road initiative" node city.

Nandu reporter Yang Liang

Southern Metropolis Daily: Zhuhai Mobile Joins Da Heng Qin Technology
Media Report | Southern Metropolis Daily: Zhuhai Mobile Joins Da Hengqin Technology to Build Hengqin's First Internet Data Dedicated Channel!
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